Make Your Own Hangman Game


How To Make Your Hangman Game

Create Your Theme

First create a title for your game in the "Game Title" field. The title should reflect the theme of your game. Maximum 64 characters.

The next step is to add the hangman phrases in the following forms. There is one phrase form by default, but you can add more rounds/phrases to your game by clicking the "Add Another Game Phrase" button. Each phrase form must have a winning phrase; the clue field is optional.

After you have created all the winning hangman phrases for your game, click the "Make Hangman HTML" button. The HTML for your hangman game will appear in the form above.

Making A Web Page

The code above is the entire HTML for your hangman web page. If you know how to make web pages, simply copy this HTML into a blank HTML document. If you do not know how to do this, instructions follow.

  1. Use a simple text editor such as Notepad. In Notepad (or other text editor), copy all of this text into your text document.
  2. Click "File > Save As".
  3. Enter a name for your file in the File Name field, making sure to use no spaces in the name. At the end of the name, add ".html".
  4. For "File As Type" select "All Files".
  5. Now all you must do to play your hangman game is to double-click the file you created. To use it on your web page, simply load it to your server with an FTP program.
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